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Hey adventure seekers!

Do you dream of exploring the vast and wild landscapes of Australia? Are you planning to discover the country on a work-and-travel trip in a van or car? At BOXIO, we know that freedom on four wheels is the absolute ultimate for young explorers from Germany. But we also know the challenges that await you, especially when it comes to living in a van. Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you!

BOXIO - Your first choice for sustainable camping in Australia

Our BOXIO products, including the revolutionary BOXIO-Toilet separating toilet and our innovative BOXIO-Wash water system, are now available in Australia! Designed in a convenient Eurobox format, they give you the freedom and flexibility you need for living and traveling in your car or van. Why is this so important for you in Australia? We'll explain it to you!

Why BOXIO is essential for your Australian adventure

  • Sustainability when traveling: Our products are not only practical, but also sustainable. In a country known for its breathtaking nature and environmental protection, you can leave a positive footprint with BOXIO.

  • Cost efficiency: Living and traveling in a van is a cost-effective alternative to expensive accommodation. With BOXIO you not only save money, but also time and effort when converting your van.

  • Simplicity and comfort: Whether you're driving along the coast or exploring the outback, our products guarantee ease of use and maximum comfort. Forget worries about hygiene conditions or water supply. BOXIO has you covered!

  • Ready for adventure: Our BOXIO-Toilet and BOXIO-Wash are perfect for life on the road. Quick to install and easy to maintain, you can dedicate your time to experiencing Australia.

BOXIO - SANITARY: Complete set with urine-diverting toilet, mobile washbasin and accessories

Your compact and robust bathroom in just two Euroboxes. With the comprehensive BOXIO bundle, you always have everything you need with you and can meet your needs anytime and anywhere without electricity.
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BOXIO - SANITARY: Complete set with urine-diverting toilet, mobile washbasin and accessories

Discover Australia's wilderness with BOXIO - your companion for the perfect camper life

Australia, a land of endless horizons, pristine beaches and majestic outback, calls out for adventurers ready to explore its secrets. But traveling in the Land Down Under can be expensive, especially when it comes to the cost of living. Many young Germans opt for a work-and-travel year in Australia and quickly discover that living and traveling in a van is not only a cost-effective, but also an incredibly enriching way to experience this vast country. This is where BOXIO's innovative products come into play, designed specifically for eco-conscious travelers seeking the ultimate sense of freedom on their adventures.

BOXIO-Toilet - your solution for sustainability and comfort

The BOXIO separating toilet is a game changer for anyone living and traveling in a car or van. With limited access to clean sanitary facilities in the remotest corners of Australia, the BOXIO toilet offers a hygienic, environmentally friendly and odor-free alternative. Its separate system means less waste and easy disposal, making it ideal for long trips through the outback. This product ensures that you can enjoy your adventures in the Australian wilderness without harming the environment.

BOXIO - TOILET MAX+ Separating toilet complete set

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BOXIO - TOILET MAX+ Separating toilet complete set

BOXIO-Wash - your answer to water management on the road

With the BOXIO-Wash water system, you can efficiently manage your water resources wherever you are. In a country known for its drought, BOXIO-Wash allows you to save water while having access to clean water for cooking, washing and drinking. The system is lightweight, compact and fits perfectly in any van or camper, making it the ideal companion for traveling through Australia's diverse landscapes.

Why BOXIO products are essential for your Australian adventure

  • Environmental awareness: Given Australia's fragile ecosystems, BOXIO products help to minimize your environmental footprint. They are designed to protect the environment while you explore the beauty of the country.

  • Cost efficiency: The high cost of living in Australia can be a challenge. BOXIO helps you save money by allowing you to live more independently from the local utility grid.

  • Freedom and flexibility: Our products offer you the freedom to discover Australia at your own pace. With BOXIO, you don't have to rely on campsites and can instead explore the country's hidden gems.

Your path to freedom

BOXIO products are now available in Australia, offering a hassle-free solution for all your on-the-go needs. They are easy to install, use and maintain, making them the perfect partner for your adventures. With BOXIO, you can focus on what really matters - the unforgettable experiences and freedom that the Australian outback offers.

Unpack your van with BOXIO and be ready to experience the breathtaking Australian landscape without compromising on your comfort or environmental responsibility. Let's go on this adventure together!

BOXIO - WASH PLUS - Washbasin starter set

Whether on a relaxing camping vacation, at your mobile sales stand or on the construction site - our mobile washbasin is your faithful companion. It is lightweight, compact and completely self-sufficient. It uses very little water and you can simply refill it at any tap.
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BOXIO - WASH PLUS - Washbasin starter set

Why is campervan conversion so popular in Australia?

There are many reasons why more and more people in Australia are upgrading their motorhomes. One of the main reasons is the freedom and flexibility that traveling in a campervan conversion offers.

  • You can customize your route as you wish and explore new places
  • No fixed travel plans required
  • You can stop spontaneously and stay overnight wherever you like
  • Make the most of your trip and let your own interests and discoveries guide you

Another reason for the popularity of motorhome rental in Australia is the proximity to nature and remote locations. Australia is known for its breathtaking scenery and wild, untouched places.

  • With a motorhome, you can easily reach these places and camp in nature
  • Watch the sunrise over the ocean or gaze at the stars in the desert
  • Freedom to experience nature right on your doorstep

In addition to the freedom and proximity to nature, a motorhome conversion is also a cost-effective travel and accommodation option.

  • Savings on accommodation costs compared to hotels or vacation apartments
  • Possibility to cook in your motorhome and prepare your own meals
  • Inexpensive campsites or wild camping as a further cost saving

There is a large community of motorhome enthusiasts in Australia who are happy to share their experiences and tips.

  • Online forums, blogs and YouTube channels offer inspiration and instructions for upgrading your motorhome
  • Options for customizing your motorhome according to your own ideas
  • Installing solar energy and creating a cozy interior

Motorhome conversions in Australia offer the opportunity to explore the country in a unique and personal way. With the freedom and flexibility, proximity to nature and affordable travel options, it's no wonder campervan conversions are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Whether you're an adventurer or simply enjoy the freedom of travel, a campervan conversion can give you unforgettable experiences and memories.

So, pack your bags, hit the road and have the adventure of a lifetime with a campervan in Australia!

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BUDDYBUCH - The friends book for campers

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