These 7 things you should definitely take with you to the festival!

Diese 7 Dinge solltest du unbedingt mit aufs Festival nehmen!


Yay, the festival season is finally starting again. You're probably already sitting at home with anticipation and can't wait for it to start.

It doesn't matter if it's your first festival season or you've already attended several festivals.

Of course, you don't want to forget anything, so that your concentration is fully on the festival and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

To make sure you don't forget anything, we have prepared a small list for you, which you can print out at the end or fill in directly on your cell phone.

Are you ready to pack for the next festival? Then let's get started.

1. The basics:

First things first, you won't really get far without your festival ticket, money, ID, debit card and cell phone charging cable. That's why these things should get a place in your backpack that you can access quickly.

Some festivals are also cashless. Here you get a chip that you can load with money in advance.

2. Camping equipment:

What would a festival be without a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, camping chairs and the like? We advise you to check your tent bag beforehand to make sure everything is in there (carabiners, all poles, hammer, etc.). Because what could be more stupid than to find out on the festival site that you are missing something.

For extra comfort and because we know how festival toilets can look after a few hours, we recommend you pack our BOXIO dry separation toilet in your trunk.

It takes up hardly any space due to its small pack size and you save yourself the disgust of public toilets!


Ultralight and compact composting toilet - Whether for on the road or in the garden shed, the BOXIO composting toilet is the optimal alternative to chemical toilets.
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3. Clothing:

Here it is especially recommended to have a good mix with you. Because often you do not really know how the weather will be. Even on a hot summer day it can come to heat thunderstorms.

So very important: In addition to T-shirts, comfortable pants, underwear, etc., be sure to think of a head covering against the sun's rays, as well as rain gear.

Pack in any case a rain jacket and sturdy, weatherproof footwear (We recommend rubber boots), as an absolute festival must-have!

4. Food:

Food at festivals is something you can indulge in maybe 1,2 times, but often it is relatively expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to have the most important things in a small camping kitchen with you.

In addition to various canned foods, which actually always go (ravioli from a can are almost a childhood memory), we recommend that you also have some "dry" food with you, which can be stored well even at very high temperatures (e.g. chips, nuts, instant coffee/cocoa, cookies, bread, etc.). When the little hunger comes, you always have something right at hand.

Even more important than a variety of foods is a large supply of water. Especially practical are water bottles that you can strap directly to your belt or a small backpack in which the bottle fits.

It should also be noted that large gas bottles and other flammable liquids are generally prohibited as a safety precaution. Small gas canisters should not be a problem.

5. Hygiene:

It should be obvious that people are less likely to jump in the shower at festivals. Nevertheless, you want to feel comfortable and for a long weekend the famous "cat wash" is enough.

A small upgrade here is definitely our new BOXIO - WASH. There you have your small washbasin to go with suitable fresh water and waste water always with you.


So no running around for hours on the festival area to the next bathroom and besides you can wash your dishes directly or you simply exchange the faucet against our shower head and have also directly the possibility to shower off.

In the practical Eurobox format it also fits perfectly in the trunk or the footwell of your car. Very important, do not forget toilet paper.

6. Medicines and co:

In our opinion, a small emergency package of medication should always be on board.

Because often small problems come unexpectedly and how stupid it would be if you had to leave the festival area to go to the nearest pharmacy for this reason.

Something against headache, diarrhea, sore throat, plaster, condoms, sunscreen and a first aid kit you should pack therefore absolutely.

7. Personal things:

Each of us still has a few things that are especially important to him at a festival.

Whether it's a Go Pro, ear protection, a yoga mat, a jukebox, or a fern to mark your spot.

Here you decide which things are and whether they still fit in your trunk ;-).

You can find the complete list to check off here. We wish you a lot of fun at your favorite festival.


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