Showering in the camper - 3 affordable options when traveling

Duschen im Camper - 3 günstige Möglichkeiten auf Reisen

A campervan adventure is a great way to experience the freedom of the road and explore new places. But what about the need for a refreshing shower? In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to three detailed and inexpensive ways to take a shower on the road in your camper. So let's get started.

  1. Using campsite showers: One of the easiest and cheapest ways to shower in your camper while on the road is to use campsite showers. Many campsites offer special shower areas that can be used by campers. Most campsites charge a small fee to use the showers or they are already included in the overnight price. It is advisable to always have cash or a suitable payment method with you. The quality of campsite showers can vary depending on the location, but they usually offer hot water and adequate privacy.

  2. Outdoor showers: Another inexpensive option for showering in the camper is the use of outdoor showers. This option is particularly suitable for nature lovers and travelers who are away from campsites. One simple method is to use a solar shower bag. This shower bag is filled with water and heated in the sun. The water can then be drained via a shower head. Solar shower bags are available in different sizes and can easily be hung from a tree or other stable structure. They are ideal for traveling to warm regions where sunlight is regularly available. If you value privacy, you can also use a portable shower tent cabin, which offers protection from prying eyes.

  3. The Boxio Wash with shower attachment: The Boxio Wash with shower attachment is an affordable and practical solution for showering in the camper. This portable camping shower consists of the Boxio Wash, which can be filled with water. The shower attachment allows water to be used selectively and sparingly. The Boxio Wash is light and compact so that it can be easily stored in the camper. A major advantage of this option is that no batteries or power connections are required as it is operated manually.

To use the Boxio Wash with shower attachment, simply fill the Boxio Wash with water and pump it up to create the desired water pressure. The included shower attachment has a nozzle that allows you to adjust the water jet to your needs. This solution offers a practical way to shower quickly and efficiently without having to rely on expensive facilities. The Boxio Wash with shower attachment is an environmentally friendly option as it does not cause any additional energy consumption and uses water sparingly.

You don't have to spend a lot of money when showering in the camper. There are several inexpensive ways to stay fresh on the road. Campsite showers offer a convenient option to enjoy hot water and privacy. Outdoor showers, such as solar shower bags and portable shower tents, utilize natural resources and offer flexibility. The Boxio Wash with shower attachment is an affordable and practical solution that is easy to store and environmentally friendly. Choose the option that best suits your needs and travel plans and enjoy a refreshing shower experience during your camping adventure.

Your Boxio team

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