Renault Kangoo Camper: Travel more consciously with BOXIO

Renault Kangoo Camper: Bewusster reisen mit BOXIO

Have you already visited one website or another and looked at various minicamper models? Maybe you haven't come across the Renault Kangoo yet, but we say: take a closer look, because with a Kangoo camping conversionyou can't really go wrong. The small Renault Kangoo Camper Van is ideal if you live in the city and like to travel. Especially if you like it minimalist, the Kangoo is just right for you! In this article, we'll tell you how to install a dry toilet like the BOXIO in the Kangoo Camper and take a closer look at the cool minivan!

Travel with confidence with the Renault Kangoo Camper and BOXIO

The smaller your camper, the more environmentally conscious you travel. It's great that you've opted for a Renault Kangoo! Maybe minimalism is already in your blood anyway, or maybe you finally want to get into the habit. Nevertheless, it's worth having a portable toilet like the compact BOXIO-Toilet to take with you.

Why? We know from experience that going to the toilet is always an issue when camping and that a toilet is basically not a luxury, but a necessitynecessity. After all, anyone who is environmentally conscious knows that in many places you can quickly go into the woods or behind the bushes, but you should actually take all your waste back with you. And that definitely includes toilet waste. Simply put the BOXIO in the trunk of your Renault Kangoo and don't worry about it from now on!

Tip: A Camping sink in practical Eurobox format will certainly fit next to the BOXIO. So you always have running water, without electricity!


Whether it's for washing your hands after using the toilet, washing up in between or brushing your teeth in the evening - make sure you get our portable camping sink!
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Which Renault Kangoo versions are suitable for camping?

For camping vacations, there are various Renault Kangoo versions to choose from, including the Grand Kangoowith an extended wheelbase. This spacious van offers plenty of room for creative camping extensions. Also available is the Renault Kangoo Rapid, which is also perfect for camping with its flexible loading area. The environmentally friendly Renault Kangoo Z.E. (Renault Kangoo E-Tech) also offers an electric option for environmentally conscious travel.

Special camping conversion kits transform the Kangoo into a comfortable camper with sleeping space, storage space and even a small kitchen. The Grand Kangoo offers additional space inside and on the roof for your camping adventures. Whether for two people or a larger group, the many variants of the Kangoo allow for individual camping solutions.

Tip: Are you new to camping? Then read this post about the absolute Camping basic equipment!

What are the main advantages of a Renault Kangoo campervan?

Let's get straight to the main advantages that the Renault Kangoo offers you, especially when camping:

1. consumption

  • Fuel efficiency: The small camper is particularly characterized by its economical fuel consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly: It helps to reduce CO₂ emissions and protect the environment.

2. practical size

  • Compact dimensions: The Kangoo Camper has a compact size that makes it easier for you to drive in urban areas and on narrow roads.
  • Easy parking: The practical size also allows you to park easily, especially in places with limited space.
  • Versatile interior: Despite its compact size, the interior of the Renault camper van offers plenty of space for sleeping, cooking and storage.
  • Everyday practicality: You can use the Kangoo Camper both as a van for traveling and as an everyday vehicle for city traffic.

3. flexibility

  • Camping option: Thanks to its spatial concept, you can comfortably stay overnight in the Kangoo without having to rely on additional overnight accommodation.

What should not be missing in any Renault Kangoo Camper conversion?

These advantages have convinced you? Then continue with our practical Renault Kangoo camping conversion guide! Attention: Of course, you should always adapt the camper to your individual needs and get professional support when it comes to the conversion. In this guide, we have put together the most important basics for you:

Seat bench

  • Folding or removable bench seat: The bench seat should be convertible into a bed to create a sleeping area.
  • Storage space under the bench seat:Provides space for camping equipment, clothing and other items.
  • Comfortable upholstery: For comfortable sitting and sleeping.

Kitchen block

  • Cooking facilities: A small camping stove allows you to prepare meals.
  • Work surface: A fold-out or removable work surface creates space for preparing food.
  • Storage space for crockery and cooking utensils:Storage space for pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc.



  • Shelves and compartments: Space for personal items, food and camping accessories.
  • Hooks and holders: For hanging clothes and towels.

Tip: More information on the topic of expansion can be found in our articles "Minicamper conversion - here's how" and "Vanlife-interior-conversion-for-a-comfortable-journey".

3 tips for more space in the Renault Kangoo Camper

In a mini camper van like the Renault Kangoo, it is particularly important to make the most of the available space. For you, this means: opt for minimalism and limit yourself to the essential accessories. A rule of thumb: never pack the trunk completely full. During the trip, you will never stow everything as neatly as before and will always end up needing more space 😉.

Think about the following points when optimizing space:

  1. Storage space under the bed: Integrate a storage area under the bed of your vehicle. Here you can transport larger items such as chairs or sports equipment.
  2. Lighting: Use well-placed LED lights to illuminate the room. This visually enlarges it.
  3. Keep things tidy: Keep the interior tidy by regularly tidying up and removing unnecessary items.

Renault Kangoo Camper: Conclusion

The Kangoo really is one of the best options if you want a slightly more affordable camper while benefiting from its advantages (such as low consumption, practical size and adaptability). A Renault Kangoo minicamper conversion is ideal if you want to go on a long trip with little luggage but don't want to sacrifice the comfort of a BOXIO toilet or BOXIO-sink!

Tip: The Renault Kangoo Minicamper is a little too small for you? Then take a look at the following alternatives: Discover the Volkswagen T5 Camper with BOXIO or Mercedes Vito Camper

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Renault Kangoo Camper: FAQ

Can you sleep in a Renault Kangoo?

Yes, you can sleep in a Renault Kangoo, especially if it has been converted into a comfortable mini campervan.

What does a Renault Kangoo cost?

The cost of a Renault Kangoo varies depending on the model, equipment and location, but generally starts at a base price of around €26,000 in Germany.

Which car is comparable to the VW Caddy?

The VW Caddy has comparable models such as the Renault Kangoo and the Fiat Doblo, all of which are popular as compact family vehicles, vans and campers.

How does a simple Renault Kangoo Camper conversion work?

A basic Renault Kangoo Camper conversion involves removing the rear seats, installing a modular Kangoo camping kit that provides a seat and bed in one, and adding storage space and simple kitchen elements for basic camping needs.

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